Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater Hits Barnes&Noble

Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater Barnes and Noble

Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater hits the holiday table at a B&N in DC. Photo: Brian Clark Howard

This weekend I popped into the Barnes&Noble in downtown DC. I scanned the newly arranged holiday tables excitedly, hoping to see the bright green cover, emblazoned with Jason Yormark’s smiling face and epic ugly Christmas sweater.

I didn’t find the book among the kids’ Christmas books by the checkout, or on the table full of holiday cards. I took the escalator to the top level, where most of the shelves are. I passed the Harry Potter table, the New Fiction table, and the Star Wars table.

I found the Merry Christmas table, and quickly scanned it. On the back side, two copies of Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater rested at the top, below the jaunty sign.

It was near David Sedaris’ Christmas book, Winter Wonderland Stencils, and a Zombie Christmas book. So I think it is in good company.

Now hopefully people pick it up!

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