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Photo Book of People and Pets in Ugly Christmas Sweaters is Hilariously Funny

November 1, 2012 — Killington, VT (PRWEB)

rock your ugly christmas sweater book coverJust in time for the holidays, the new book Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater by Anne Marie Blackman and Brian Clark Howard features more than 200 full-color photos of people and pets in outrageously funny ugly Christmas sweaters.

Published October 2, 2012 by Running Press, Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater showcases a wide range of people from all walks of life wearing tacky holiday apparel, from vintage ugly Christmas sweaters from decades past to garish holiday-themed sweatshirts, sweater vests, sweater dresses, ugly sweater-themed hats and t-shirts, and even elaborate sweaters decorated with lights, sound effects, and dangling ornaments.

Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater also features photos of people and pets wearing tacky outfits celebrating Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and even Festivus, the fictional holiday from Seinfeld. Each color photo is paired with a witty caption. Breezy chapter introductions set up themes (e.g. homemade sweaters, Christmas in July, and best of the best) outlining the popularity and history of ugly Christmas sweaters.

“Interest in ugly Christmas sweaters has been higher this fall than any previous year,” said Anne Marie Blackman. In addition to co-writing Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater, Blackman is the owner of My Ugly Christmas Sweater, Inc. of Killington, Vermont, and her popular website received over 2.1 million page views last holiday season. The company up-cycles and sells a wide range of ugly Christmas sweater apparel around the world.

More and more people are attending “ugly Christmas sweater parties,” in bars, restaurants, offices, churches, and homes. Many people also enter “best ugly Christmas sweater contests,” with prizes going to the funniest or most outrageous designs or ensembles.

“In Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater, we wanted to share the best of the best when it comes to dressing up for the winter holidays,” said Blackman. “People of all ages have a blast wearing tacky holiday sweaters, and their ugly Christmas sweater party pictures are hysterical.”

“Ugly Christmas sweaters are great because there are many ways to enjoy them,” said Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater co-author Brian Clark Howard. “Hipsters wear them with a wink and a sly nod, relishing in how they look ironic in the earnest holiday clothes from yesteryear. But lots of people also sincerely like the way they look in ugly Christmas sweaters, and that’s fun too. There are no judgments when it comes to ugly sweaters, except perhaps that the uglier, the better.”

Photos in Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater include people at work (firemen, real estate agents, policemen, and rock stars!) as well as people wearing holiday sweaters at play skiing, sailing, and even flying in a skydiving simulator. There are amazingly creative ugly Christmas sweater party photos, as well as classic family portraits gone wrong.

People love putting their pets in ugly Christmas sweaters, and Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater dedicates a whole chapter to dogs, cats, horses, squirrels and more wearing tacky knits. Funny captions add to the hilarity of family photos that include a bearded cat, a pig with a Santa hat, and a horse wearing a tree skirt.

Blackman and Howard also publish, an online showcase of ugly holiday sweaters that launched in July 2012. The website features a few “greatest hits” from the book, brand new photos, and some of the best tacky sweater images from around the Web. The site also has an upload feature that encourages users to contribute their own photos of people or pets in ugly sweaters.

About Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater: 
This fun and portable gift book includes 200+ full-color photos of people and pets in hilariously awful Christmas sweaters, accompanied by funny captions. Some of the amazing categories include festive fun, vintage ugly, homemade hits and misses, pets rocking ugly Christmas sweaters, and much more.

Book Details: 
Title: Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater
Published October 2, 2012
Publisher: Running Press (Part of the Perseus Group)
192 pages, full color
List price: $12.95

About the Authors: 
Anne Marie Blackman runs, has built a thriving business around making and selling holiday sweaters, and has an ever-growing photo collection from fans and customers around the world. She is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in this market, with Web stores that saw more than two million page views over the past year.

Brian Clark Howard is an editor and producer for National Geographic. He has written numerous articles about ugly Christmas sweaters and has co-written five books about green living. He has written for MSN, Yahoo!, Popular Science, Fast Company,, and many other outlets.

With thousands of over-the-top, uniquely crafted sweater designs available and a track record of happy customers, is the place to shop for all your ugly Christmas and Hanukkah sweater needs.

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