Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater Press

rock your ugly christmas sweater book coverRock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater contains over 200 full-color photos of people and pets in hilariously awful Christmas (and Hanukkah!) sweaters accompanied by funny captions.  Some of the categories include festive fun, vintage ugly, homemade hits and misses, pets rocking ugly Christmas sweaters, and much more. With Anne Marie Blackman. (2012). Official website.


Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater has been featured in various media, including the following:


Cheap Ugly Christmas Sweaters (Squidoo)

“This book features 200 pictures of people wearing abominable sweaters. Some are intentionally bad, while others are merely the product of a tackier time. In either case, you’ll get a kick out of looking at the photos and reading the humorous captions. Not only can it inspire you in your quest for the perfect sweater, but could also serve as cool white elephant gift.”


The Yule Log 365

“I saw that Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater was published in early October, and it looks like the 200+ photos of people and pets at their holiday ugliest will be a best-seller.”

“Thumbing through the small book, I figure it would make a great stocking stuffer and maybe a good door prize if you are planning your own ugly sweater party.”

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  1. David says:

    haha The good times that I used to have going to ugly Christmas sweater parties. Luckily I still have some of my sweaters from back in the day. Some of them could be book worthy.

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