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green lighting book coverGreen Lighting shows you how energy-efficient lighting can save you energy and money and reduce your carbon footprint. Get up to speed on LEDs, CFLs, daylighting, and smart lighting strategies for the home and office. Learn about funky recycled fixtures and new technology on the horizon. With Seth Leitman (the Green Living Guy) and William J. Brinsky. (2011)

Green Lighting has been covered by the following outlets:

Web and Print:

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(Reprinted by Yahoo NewsGetwithGreen.comGreenwala, and Scotts Contracting)

Home Lighting: 7 Things You Didn’t Know But Should (PHOTOS) (Huffington Post)

7 (Different!) Things About Energy Efficient Light Bulbs (GOOD)

How to Shop for Low-Energy Lightbulbs (Rodale News)

Greenlighted (Review) (E Magazine)

5 Green Living Books That Would Make Great Christmas Gifts! (GHC Health)

Green Lighting Review (Constantly Conflicted)

Green Lighting: How to Cut Your Electric Bill & Carbon Emissions (Sustainablog)
(Reprinted by Green Building Pro)

The Phase-Out of Incandescent Light Bulbs: What You Need To Know (Earth911)

Light Well: Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Ideas for the Home (Natural Home)

Seven Things You Don’t Know (ledtube)

All Of Your Green Lighting Questions Answered Once and For All (Greenwala)

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Green Lighting (Popular Mechanics)

Green Lighting Book Review (Eco20/20)

Light Bulb Technology is Progressing at the Speed of Light (

Eco-Libris Sustainable Reading Campaign Review (Green Goddess)

Q&A: Brian Clark Howard (Green Real Estate Daily)

We Tested 9 New Energy Saving Light Bulbs. See Which Is Right for You

Kick an LED Soccer Ball Around, Light Up the Night

Q&A: The Facts About Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

7 Places You Shouldn’t Put a CFL

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Energy Saving Light Bulbs





Interviewed by Jim Motavalli on WPKN 89.5 FM in Connecticut and Westchester and 88.7 FM on Long Island (9/30/10)

Interviewed on WMKT 92.1 FM in northern Michigan on 12/7/10



The Drill Down, a leading show about tech, the web and social media (9/29/30)

The Vicky and Jen Show, What Really Matters, a leading podcast about home and family life

Blog Talk Radio with Seth Leitman, in which we discuss the most important elements of the book

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