Brian Clark Howard has more than a decade of experience telling true stories in a variety of formats, from books to video, from magazine cover stories to blog posts. A sample of this work follows.



Helix Collapse Fails to Crush Hope for Vertical Wind Turbines
(From National Geographic News)

Ocean Advocates Find Silver Linings After Rio+20 Disappointment
(From National Geographic News)

8 Mighty Rivers Run Dry From Overuse
(From National Geographic News)

Feeding 44million: One in seven Americans now get by on food stamps

‘This is about the human cost of war’: Los Angeles beach goers are reminded about sacrifices for independence by memorial

Amazing Homes Built From Shipping Containers
(From The Daily Green)

5 Years After Katrina, 1,000 Volunteers Help Rebuild New Orleans
(from The Daily Green)

5 Surprising Inventions from Famous People

17 Incredible Gifts Made from Recycled Materials
(from MSN)

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Light Bulbs But Should
(from Yahoo!)

When Wild Animals Attack: Encounter with a Rabid Skunk
(from Popular Mechanics)

Save a Jaguar, Treat Your Cows Well
(from Pacific Standard, formerly Miller-McCune magazine)

Planned Obsolescence: 8 Products Designed to Fail
(from the San Francisco Chronicle

Grounds for Change: The Tempest Brewing in Your Morning Cup (cover story from E/The Environmental Magazine)

Message in a Bottle: Despite the Hype, Bottled Water is Neither CLEANER nor GREENER Than Tap Water 
(cover story from E/The Environmental Magazine)

Virtual Journalism in an Online ‘Second Life’
(from Editor and Publisher Online)

Body-Care Brawl: Tensions Mount Over Organic Labeling of “Hydrosol”
(from E/The Environmental Magazine)



I shot and edited this video for National Geographic on the Shell Eco-Marathon 2012 in Houston, Texas, a race among high school and college students to build the most efficient vehicles.


I produced this interactive feature (built in HTML 5) that shows the global water impact of crops Americans rely on every day. (National Geographic)


I produced, shot, and edited this video on green fashion for Eco-Chick.


Native New Yorkers: The American Indian Identity of New York City. A multimedia journalism project researched and created by Brian Clark Howard and Maureen Googoo.

Although American Indians make up a small percentage of New York City’s current population, there are more of them in the Big Apple than in any other U.S. city. Today’s urban American Indians hail from a diverse range of tribes and places, and can be found working in all industries, including as leaders in professional sports, the arts, academics, healthcare and business. Through more than a dozen stories, with rich video and audio, learn about this dynamic community through their own voices, as they try to maintain their indigenous culture in a region dominated by newer immigrants.

Sample clip:


As this video I produced and shot shows, five years after Hurricane Katrina, much of New Orleans is still badly damaged. Thousands of houses remain wrecked and abandoned, and tens of thousands of former citizens have not been able to come back.

More than 1,000 volunteers came together as part of the Fifty For Five event, to help 50 New Orleans families get their homes back into livable shape. Brian Clark Howard was on hand to report on the effort, and to pitch in on a few of the homes.

Although there’s much work that still needs to be done, it felt good to help make an impact for a few families.


Defying Gravity: Women Reaching New Heights with Rock Climbing. A multimedia story for the online magazine by Brian Clark Howard and Susan M. Sipprelle.

Read, watch, listen and click to learn about New York City women staying fit, finding friendship and pushing themselves to excel at a sport that has traditionally been dominated by men.


U. of Greed vs. Greed U. A multimedia story for the online magazine by Brian Clark Howard and Victoria Barenetsky.

Read, watch, listen and click to learn about the virtual battle between mogul Donald Trump and ex-Trump student Victory Darwin, as the two men lead their respective online schools into a war over respect and students.

New Graffiti, New Risks. A multimedia story for the online magazine by Brian Clark Howard and Lorenzo Morales.

Graffiti has long been a risky activitiy, what with being illegal and often requiring nightly visits to dark and dangerous places, from rickety bridges to active subway tunnels. Today, some pioneering artsits and tech-savvy designers are using new devices to expand and enhance the world of graffiti, from LED “throwies” like those used to promote the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie to laser lights. But new challenges await such technologies, including fear over terrorism.



I am co-producing a feature documentary on the Western Shoshone, the indigenous people of Nevada, and their historic struggle to save their land and way of life in the face of grave injustice. Joel L. Freedman is directing and producing. Watch the trailer:


I edited the full-length feature film Toaster 66 (which I subtitle The Quest to Bring Electric Cars to Route 66), for Remy Chevalier. Watch the entire film free on YouTube here (or below). We wanted to release the film in a more traditional way, but alas, the original tape got damaged in the heat of Remy’s cross-country trip, so we lost too much quality.



Global Warning
(from AlterNet)

Save the Snow
(from E/The Environmental Magazine online)

Battle of the Beaches
(from E/The Environmental Magazine online)


Q and A

Blake Jones of Namaste Solar Electric
(from The Daily Green)

John Flicker of Audubon Speaks for the Birds
(from The Daily Green)

Marine scientist Dr. Deborah Brosnan
(from E/The Environmental Magazine online)



Many outlets have reprinted Brian’s work. A few of these include:



The San Francisco Chronicle

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer

St. Croix Valley Press (MN)

Hartford Advocate (CT)

Fairfield County Weekly (CT)

New Haven Advocate (CT)

The Huffington Post


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