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Picture of aspen trees near Maroon Bells and Aspen, CO.
Aspens, near Aspen. Photo: Brian Clark Howard

Greetings Earthlings, as my favorite high school biology teacher used to say. I have now entered the 21st century, and put my little site on WordPress.org. No more hand-building each page in Dreamweaver, yay!

I first started this site while a student at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism in 2006 (Go Crowns! Er Lions!). Duy Linh Tu, the self-proclaimed “Original Multimedia Gangsta,” showed me some mad html. (Yo Duy, you should update that favicon holmes, cuz Google’s default ain’t so gangsta–spoken from one former Connecticut Yankee to another.)

In Duy’s class on digital media skillz, he told us we could make a site about anything we wanted. I seriously considered doing a theme site on something goofy, but I’m glad I waited to do that until I got some more skillz (see Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater). Instead, I built a little resume site.

The site never got any traffic to speak of, and it was totally un-monetized, but it was a great calling card for potential employers and clients. I’ve gotten story leads from it, and a lot of people have come here, found my email address, and sent me something interesting.

In this version 2.0, I am reposting my resume and brief bio, and have the obligatory ordering info for my books. There’s a link to my Twitter stream, of course, as well as to some other projects I’m working on.

I also hope to share some occasional thoughts and photos, in addition to some background on stories I’ve produced.

Let me know what you’d like to see!

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