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New Christmas Sweater Book Spotted in Stores

Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater at Barnes and Noble

Spotted at a Barnes & Noble in Washington, D.C. Photo: Brian Clark Howard

Last weekend I did some window shopping here in the DC area. I was thrilled to see that some stores have already put out copies of Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater, the brand-new book I co-wrote with Anne Marie Blackman–even though it’s not even Halloween yet.

I have always loved Barnes & Noble, so it was wonderful to see the book on display at the store in downtown DC. My publisher told me the book will be appearing on holiday tables in B&N stores, which will be fantastic. Last week, my local store didn’t have any Christmas stuff out yet, but I found three copies of our book in the humor section (see photos).

When I used to work in retail during college, I remember we decorated the store for the holidays, and put out all the holiday products, on the day after Halloween. That’s also when we switched the Muzak to the secular holiday station, with yuletide tunes by Cheech and Chong, the Smashing Pumpkins, and of course Paul McCartney, as well as countless session musicians.

I did hear from a friend that she saw Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater heavily promoted at a different Barnes & Noble in DC this weekend, so it seems that some store managers might be getting a jump on the holiday season.

Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater books on shelf at Barnes & Noble

Three copies of RYUCS in the humor section, right next to Michael Ian Black of The State, sweet!

In tony Georgetown last weekend, I was pleasantly surprised to find a pile of our books in the Urban Outfitters, on a table right in the store’s entrance (see pictures). When we were working on the book, the store I most wanted to land in was Urban Outfitters, and the store’s style definitely influenced us during the creative process.

So seeing the book on prominent display there was like a dream come true.

I did pop in the Paper Source in Georgetown, which is a wonderful store full of inspirational and hilarious notecards, journals, wrapping paper, and books that make great gifts. On the walls are gorgeous art papers; they are pretty to look at, but they made me shudder remembering how difficult they were to price and package up for customers when I worked in an art store.

Let me know where you have found Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater.

Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater book at Urban Outfitters Georgetown

RYUCS at Urban Outfitters in Georgetown.

Brian Clark Howard with RYUCS at Urban Outfitters

Brian Clark Howard is thrilled to find Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater at Urban Outfitters. Photo: Christine Dell’Amore